Bibs with/without sleeves

If your kids are really messy or you just don’t want them to stain their winter clothes this is the best choice for you!

Size Size: Length 43cm Bust 33cm Sleeve 36cm for about 0-3 years old baby

Price: 1 Euro 2$



The most popular bibs ever!!!!Get your bib this week and get one for free, basically you get 2 bibs for the price of one!!!! We all know how useful they are!!!

Mixins Bibs size: 45x(23-26)cm

Price: 2Euro 3.5$

All of the MIXIN bib designs are available!!!

Cute Oval Bibs

Every mom knows how useful is the bib! Get your waterproof bib now and get 10% discount for 10 bibs!

Price: 2 Euro 2.5$

Oval bibs (01-19) are composed of two layers, the inner is waterproof and outer is soft cotton. Size: Width 17.5-20cm, in the end at the chin  15.5cm, collar 25-29cm.

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 biboval bib


Cute Triangle Bibs

Always needed bibs!!!! Save yourself of washing!!! Easy wash bibs!

Price: 0.5EURO 1$

The triangle waterproof bibs has cotton layer on the outside.

Size: round the neck is 36cm, vertically till the end of the triangle is 15cm.

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