Chinese pants

Usually the kids in China wear these pants with no underwear, so it is easy to “do their business”   in any time. These pants are very functional. kids look so cute in them.

Material: 100% soft cotton




Cute kids fashionable pants. Cotton pants suitable for spring.

Size: All sizes for kids tall 75cm to 165cm

Price: 7$

Fall/winter baby pants

Size: 80,90,95

80size: Length: 40 Waist: 40 Crotch: about 19 

90 size: Length: 45 Waist: 42 Crotch : about 20

95 size: Length: 50 Waist: about 44 Crotch: about 22

80 size: suitable for baby height 75-85CM; 
90 size: suitable for baby height 85-95CM;
95 size: suitable for baby height 90-100CM;

Material: Cotton + Spandex + Lycra

Price: 4 Euro 5.5$

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