air project III – “Air makes music”

After  the previous ideas to somehow conclude the air project i added the last part – “Air makes music” We already talked about the abilities what can the air do and came to the music part. Because of the availability only of few materials we made simple but still beautiful wind-chimes. Used materials: old used CD’s, pipe cleaners, beads, bells, straws…

wind-chimes wind-chimes wind-chimes wind-chimes wind-chimes IMAG0402 wind-chimes


Air project II

As a continuation to the air project combined with the summer hot weather i came up with a simple and already done by many idea- Boats. Can be used many materials that float on water a straw and left over paper or any other material that can be used as sail.

Than together with the kids we talked about the power of the air and of course jumped into the race. If you can find a bigger container for water or even a kids pool line up few kids and ask them to blow in the sail so they will move the boat. It is a lot of fun for kids to play with water!


boat boat boat boat boat boat boat boat air project boat

air project

After teaching the book and all units decided to switch to something useful and more interesting for the kids, The AIR project!

I started the class with few simple questions: can you see the air? can you feel the air? where and when do you feel it? Is the air strong?…. Kids gave somewhat similar answers…

Second phase- proof: All kids made fans and we gathered paper-rolls beforehand and the games started!!!!

air paper roll race paper roll race paper roll race paper roll race paper roll race paper roll race IMAG0316 IMAG0317 IMAG0318 IMAG0319 IMAG0320 IMAG0321 IMAG0322 IMAG0329 IMAG0330 IMAG0331 IMAG0332 IMAG0333 IMAG0334 IMAG0328

Happy Easter!!!!

Some Easter activities:

Needed: colored rice in different color, glue, boiled eggs. First put rice in color do not add water well mix it and lay it on a piece of paper for one day. The next day you can go wild with the rice. Use more glue when sticking the rice cause it falls easily.


Easter eggs


Bees a lot of bees

Spring time

A very nice craft, for 3 years old kids. First find something circular, like a lid maybe and get the kids to draw a line round the lid. Cut out the two circles and stick them together. Cut two other circles and fold them in half and stick them as wings. The kids will come up with other creative ideas. Here are some pics:

bee bees spring king bee many bees

Rainy Season

It is Spring and in some parts of the world it is rainy season

Here are some ideas and crafts that you can use in your classroom or at home.  the little critter doll hat you can dress in rain coat,boots,hat…

I did print the white and black version of the clothes and gave it to the kids to use their own imagination to color, cut and stick on the color version of the critter doll. Here are the pics:

arts rain rainy season

Doll, car, train

Hand made toys!

Kids learn how to appreciate other peoples  efforts when they are aware that one person has dedicated their time and patience in doing something. To get this feeling i recommend to engage your kids in such activity where they will spend their time, be patient, and dedicate them into making a toy so later they will experience the procedure and cherish the effort. You wont have to worry about new toys, they will protect and enjoy the already existing toys.

car car 1 doll kids train train

Divergent thinking

Divergent thinking means to think in an unusual, novel and unique way. It is one ability that is highly appreciated in the new modern world.

“Creativity or divergent thinking can be identified with openness in expressing feeling, receptivity to ideas, concern for others, desire to grow as a person and actualize one’s potentials. Hence creativity is the playful exploration of thoughts by a person who is open, curious and imaginative.”

Encourage problem solving

One of the biggest problems or mistakes that parents cause or make  are doing everything for their kids, leaving them with no self-esteem or feeling of ability/ capability. Present parents don’t even let old enough children dress them selves non the less do chores. The toys that they choose are flashy on batteries, toys that not require any mental or physical activity.

Parents please encourage your kids to foster more and more abilities!!!And the answer is construction toys!!!

Construction toys help build:

• motor skills and hand-eye coordination

• spatial skills

• a capacity for creative, divergent thinking

• social skills, and

• language skills

blocks blocks package creativity fun imagination kids fun math numbers string blocks




When should kids stop playing? 1


Kids should not be exposed to stereotypical learning math, writing until they are 7 or even older. We should not shape their mind into the stereotypical thinking and do not kill their imagination. Different age brings different interests, indulge these interests and let your kids find their own future.

DIY: EVA  3D laptop collage  bags

EVA material, needle, thread

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