Lady-like shoes


Shoes with small and delicate bow and inlaid pearls, very lady like and cute.

26 size 16cm

27 size 16.5cm

28 size 17cm

29 size 18cm

30 size 18.5cm

Price: 10$



Prince’s shoes

Cute prince’s shoes easy to wear and put on. Beautiful colors and available in these sizes:

15 size 11.5cm

16 size 12cm

17 size 12.5cm

18 size 13cm 19 size


Price: 6$


Autumn shoes

Perfect for the autumn days and ready for school. Can be worn inside the kindergartens, home, outdoors. Very easy to put on and fun for the kids

Very soft, very comfortable and cheap, only for 5$


Cute dog bone shoes

Cute shoes made of rubber.


Price: 13$

Cute boys’ shoes

Cute kids shoes made of leader with hand sticking.

Price: 12 $

Size: 21-36


Cute rabbit shoes

Cute girly shoes with rabbit years. All the below color available for sizes between 21-36.

Made of rubber

Price: 10$

Shoes III

Baby shoes easy for learning how to walk.

Size: 15=12.8cm, 17=13.8, 19=14.8cm

Price: 10$

Shoes III

Cute kids shoes with mouse design

Price: 13$

All Sizes for kids feet with length from11-13.5cm

Shoes II

Shoes with cute cartoon design.

Sizes for kids with 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5 ,13, 13.5 and 14cm long feet.

Price: 10$

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