Exercise the skills

paper sticks

The paper sticks can be used as different decorations. Can be made into a vase of plants,flowers… can be used as a thread to create a form or shape of something like an animal, alphabet, numbers ….

paper quilt

Paper quilt can be made of cut slips of paper with different colors and width. It is an excellent exercise for cognitive skills especially attention. This way the kids can practice the sustained  attentions.

paper curtain


Make a curtain…We know how expensive these things can be. It is extremly easy to make them. we need paper that the kids can cut in different shapes of animals, letters even different colors, than a hole puncher adn thread to connect them together into a strip. Be creative and exercise the skills….

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Christmas three

DIY Christmas three!!!

Use foamy board to make the 3D three. Cut two pieces of foamy board each piece cut in the middle till the middle point. than make the three pattern and put the one into the other. Than split the kids into 3 groups one group cut from the yellow material and make decorations. If they like they can color them or stick small pieces of different color material.

the other group cut the paper in thin pieces and they make a chain.

The third group on a piece of long thread stick small pieces of different color materials.

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Autumn (fall) three before Christams three

Have fun with your kids make a fall three with people leaves and have them fall withing one week or few days. and turn it into winter three, a three without any leaves. Later the snow can come and you can make snowflakes.

All you need is a foam board, autumn leaves, wiggly eyes, yarn and some materials to use as clothes.

Here is a preview of the autumn three


autumn (fall) three Autumn fall three

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