bounce up tooth brush

Make teeth brushing fun for kids. Get this bounce up tooth brush!!! just press on the belly of the animal the tooth brush will bounce up! It is very convenient for traveling and it is made of ecological materials.



Shampoo cap

This cap is made of flexible material to prevent breaking, it’s heat resistant 80 degrees C.

Prevent the shampoo and water going into the kids eyes.

Price: 3$

Multi-functional Collar


The cold winter is here and you need to protect your kids!!??? this is the multi-functional collar!!!!

Knitted with two sides and two colors.

Size: 25*18cm

Price: 4$

Protective Mask

Protect your baby with a super cool mask made of cotton on both sides. Easy to wear, very breathable and confortable with two elastic bands on both sides. This mask is not very thick so enables easy breathing.
SIze: 17*10cm

Price: 1$ for (six masks)

Gauze Towel

Don’t be afraid to let your kids be active! The new cotton woven towel absorbs six times more that any normal gauze. It is soft and comfortable for the baby’s back. Unique thing is that it has two layers so which ever side is wet with sweat the other one is always dry. 

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