air project III – “Air makes music”

After  the previous ideas to somehow conclude the air project i added the last part – “Air makes music” We already talked about the abilities what can the air do and came to the music part. Because of the availability only of few materials we made simple but still beautiful wind-chimes. Used materials: old used CD’s, pipe cleaners, beads, bells, straws…

wind-chimes wind-chimes wind-chimes wind-chimes wind-chimes IMAG0402 wind-chimes


Air project II

As a continuation to the air project combined with the summer hot weather i came up with a simple and already done by many idea- Boats. Can be used many materials that float on water a straw and left over paper or any other material that can be used as sail.

Than together with the kids we talked about the power of the air and of course jumped into the race. If you can find a bigger container for water or even a kids pool line up few kids and ask them to blow in the sail so they will move the boat. It is a lot of fun for kids to play with water!


boat boat boat boat boat boat boat boat air project boat

blossoming tree

The spelling of tree is not just right, but it is very nice project. Teaching the seasons can be sometimes difficult, regarding the division of the seasons and the country that you are teaching in. Some countries just do not have the generalized season classification and characteristics so we need super cool project or idea to teach. One classroom teacher and her kids made this tree and presented the weather throughout the year. When it was summer or spring or winter or any season they showed the tree in the usual characteristics of the country’s climate.  Here is spring in Japan with the white or you can make them pink blossoms.

I personally think this was great idea. So choose your country and present the season as it is in particular countries. The kids will have better idea and will know more about the world and not only their own city or country.

Other ideas: Winter in Finland, Autumn in Germany or Thailand depending what you want to present…

spring blossom white blossoms tissue blossom spring tree spring tree

Happy Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox and Catholic Easter  are not on the same date.  The Orthodox church follows the Julian calendar (old calendar)  and the Catholic church follows the Gregorian calendar so the dates for Christmas and Easter and other holidays are different. The Orthodox holidays are later that the Catholic. So this Sunday the 5-th of May is Easter. Here is another craft for Easter.

Easter basket Easter basket  Easter basket Easter basket  Easter basket  Easter basket Easter basket Easter basket Easter basket Easter basket Easter basket IMAG0144 IMAG0145 Easter basket


There is time when we start wondering wthat kind of arts and crafts we can teach our kids.
these arts and crafts are suitable for all kids that have interest in makeing things. Parents explore your kids abilities give them plenty of opportunities to logical think, to practice  three-dimensional concept, increase hand-eye coordination and patience with the observation, learning to solve problems, build self-confidence!!!!
Size: 14.8*21.7cm

Material: paper, EVA

Price: 3$( including 4 pictures and 12 pieces EVA)

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