Air project II

As a continuation to the air project combined with the summer hot weather i came up with a simple and already done by many idea- Boats. Can be used many materials that float on water a straw and left over paper or any other material that can be used as sail.

Than together with the kids we talked about the power of the air and of course jumped into the race. If you can find a bigger container for water or even a kids pool line up few kids and ask them to blow in the sail so they will move the boat. It is a lot of fun for kids to play with water!


boat boat boat boat boat boat boat boat air project boat


Exercise the skills

paper sticks

The paper sticks can be used as different decorations. Can be made into a vase of plants,flowers… can be used as a thread to create a form or shape of something like an animal, alphabet, numbers ….

paper quilt

Paper quilt can be made of cut slips of paper with different colors and width. It is an excellent exercise for cognitive skills especially attention. This way the kids can practice the sustained  attentions.

paper curtain


Make a curtain…We know how expensive these things can be. It is extremly easy to make them. we need paper that the kids can cut in different shapes of animals, letters even different colors, than a hole puncher adn thread to connect them together into a strip. Be creative and exercise the skills….

IMAG0238 IMAG0242 IMAG0240 IMAG0241 IMAG0246 IMAG0245 IMAG0244 IMAG0243

Happy Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox and Catholic Easter  are not on the same date.  The Orthodox church follows the Julian calendar (old calendar)  and the Catholic church follows the Gregorian calendar so the dates for Christmas and Easter and other holidays are different. The Orthodox holidays are later that the Catholic. So this Sunday the 5-th of May is Easter. Here is another craft for Easter.

Easter basket Easter basket  Easter basket Easter basket  Easter basket  Easter basket Easter basket Easter basket Easter basket Easter basket Easter basket IMAG0144 IMAG0145 Easter basket

Imagination developing toys

Everyone has a potential of developing powerful imagination. Imagination is an inner vision that can be developed through exercises and games. There are millions of toys that can help us develop this useful ability. Here is one that is made of wood. It is ecologically friendly and has no hazardous effect on  kids.

It consists of small wooden parts in different shapes, clouds, flowers with different colors. Two backgrounds one white where kids can draw with markers and one black can draw with chocks.

This toy is perfect combination of drawing and making collages.

Price 2$

imagination imagination 1 imagination 2 imagination 3 imagination 4

Creativity (thanks giving)

Making a turkey it is a nice activity for kids. They practice finger coordination, feel different surfaces, creat with many different materials one composition.

You will need: feather in different colours (let your kids wildest imagination drive)

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