Great Ideas For Easter!


Great Ideas For Easter!

Rainy season craft

I was inspired by for this craft and i downgraded it for my kids abilities and age. Here is what came of it:

I am so proud of my kids.

rain drop clouds and rain cloud rain drops rainy rainy rain rain rain, rain go away cloud and rain drops


“The soul never thinks without a picture.” – Aristotle

How important is for kids to develop imagination is unquestionable. our kids need this ability so later in their adult life they can cope and solve problems easily.

“From a neurological perspective, when children engage in imagination and creativity, their brains are signal processing at a higher level: they are literally seeing, sensing, hearing and feeling more of the world. Imaginative activities need never be seen as a luxury, but rather a necessity to all-round development.”

Here is one tool: Chenille stem, buttons, wiggly eyes

very nice


Bob and Otto


Picture Book

Ages 2-6

By Robert O. Bruel

Pictures by Nick Bruel

32 pages

Roaring Brook Press




Nick Bruel is a Books of Wonder alum, and the author and illustrator of the wildly popular Bad Kitty books. He’s also written and illustrated many other books and has a clear knack for speaking directly to his audience. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Nick’s work. His latest book, Bad Kitty School Daze, was just recently released and I have it on good authority that another Bad Kitty book is in the works.

Nick’s father, Robert O. Bruel, wrote this story. Discovered shortly after his father’s passing, Nick adapted it for the picture book audience and created the art to accompany his father’s beautiful tale.

Bruel’s illustrations have a cartoon-ey feel; he uses rich, saturated colors with bright accents and bold edges. He has…

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The Middlest Sister

Every Christmas Eve. Including this one, probably.










Confidential to my giftee: I think you’re sweet and surprisingly un-cranky considering the amount of sleep you get.

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“What colour are your socks today?”


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Kate’s Comic

The Middlest Sister

This week’s comic guest stars Kate from Spineless Wonders, who won the Movember Giveaway. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed brainstorming it together!











And congratulations again to the other giveaway winners Pete, Jackie, and Arrie!



By the way, there is FREE shipping on prints until December 9 at midnight at my society6 shop. Check it out! I just added a lot more prints!

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free and very good application for kids

Please visit the website above!!!!

very nice!!!!1

The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms

…is like having a baby:

10. They both keep you up at night.

9. They both require financial investments (not to mention physical and emotional investments).

8. You can’t stop thinking about them when you are apart or away, yet when you are with them you sometimes crave some alone time or a break.

7. They both require planning (not that planning really worked for us in the baby department!!)

6. They each require a strategy and discipline.

5. Businesses and babies are both life altering.

4. They open your eyes to new opportunities and possibilities.

3. They both experience firsts. The first sale and the first smile. The first crisis and the first tooth.

2. Project Management skills, adaptability and perseverance are not optional.

and the number 1 reason why having your own business is like having a baby is… (imagine some David Letterman/Paul Schaeffer type music playing, drumroll)

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