“The soul never thinks without a picture.” – Aristotle

How important is for kids to develop imagination is unquestionable. our kids need this ability so later in their adult life they can cope and solve problems easily.

“From a neurological perspective, when children engage in imagination and creativity, their brains are signal processing at a higher level: they are literally seeing, sensing, hearing and feeling more of the world. Imaginative activities need never be seen as a luxury, but rather a necessity to all-round development.”

Here is one tool: Chenille stem, buttons, wiggly eyes


very nice


Bob and Otto


Picture Book

Ages 2-6

By Robert O. Bruel

Pictures by Nick Bruel

32 pages

Roaring Brook Press




Nick Bruel is a Books of Wonder alum, and the author and illustrator of the wildly popular Bad Kitty books. He’s also written and illustrated many other books and has a clear knack for speaking directly to his audience. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Nick’s work. His latest book, Bad Kitty School Daze, was just recently released and I have it on good authority that another Bad Kitty book is in the works.

Nick’s father, Robert O. Bruel, wrote this story. Discovered shortly after his father’s passing, Nick adapted it for the picture book audience and created the art to accompany his father’s beautiful tale.

Bruel’s illustrations have a cartoon-ey feel; he uses rich, saturated colors with bright accents and bold edges. He has…

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When should kids stop playing? 1


Kids should not be exposed to stereotypical learning math, writing until they are 7 or even older. We should not shape their mind into the stereotypical thinking and do not kill their imagination. Different age brings different interests, indulge these interests and let your kids find their own future.

DIY: EVA  3D laptop collage  bags

EVA material, needle, thread

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