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The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms

…is like having a baby:

10. They both keep you up at night.

9. They both require financial investments (not to mention physical and emotional investments).

8. You can’t stop thinking about them when you are apart or away, yet when you are with them you sometimes crave some alone time or a break.

7. They both require planning (not that planning really worked for us in the baby department!!)

6. They each require a strategy and discipline.

5. Businesses and babies are both life altering.

4. They open your eyes to new opportunities and possibilities.

3. They both experience firsts. The first sale and the first smile. The first crisis and the first tooth.

2. Project Management skills, adaptability and perseverance are not optional.

and the number 1 reason why having your own business is like having a baby is… (imagine some David Letterman/Paul Schaeffer type music playing, drumroll)

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