Nursing pads

Very very very useful pads.

Specification: 60*90cm

Price: 3$ (for one package containing 20pcs)




Waterproof Mattress

Is your child still wetting the bed? Is your  child too big for diaper? do you want him/her to start controlling the urination.   Here is the best solution for mothers that want to stop using the nappies. Waterproof mattress is made of 100% natural rubber. Specification: 75cm * 95cm. very soft and comfortable.

Price: 5$


Diaper 2 (Nappy)

This product is designed and constructed by three layers, the outer layer is an elastic absorbent TPU film, high elastic, tensile strength, softness, repeated washing,can not damage the diaper, and the water permeability of the film, prevents the baby’s urine leakage. The two inner layers are cotton. All buttons are adjustable size and design. The reasonably adjustable buckle is suitable for any month baby.

Price: 3$


100% cotton diaper. It is time to go back to the cotton diaper and save the environment. These diapers are breathable NO PVC layers easy to wash. you can use and reuse them for many times. This is the best way to save your money and save our environment. Lets get to basics.

Price: 5$

Cartoon pillow

A set of pillows with multi-functional use.

Price: 10$

Multi-functional worm LAMAZE

  • Plush toy perfect for playing and napping. Plays the song if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands when you squeeze the head. Inchworm design with soft velour body. Includes fun rattles, squeaks, crinkles and jingles with interesting textures to touch and chew, recommended for babies from birth on.You may receive one of the following color variations, orange faced multicolored Inchworm or yellow faced multicolored Inchworm

Stimulates Baby’s Vision and Auditory Skills
When babies are first born, they see in black and white. This is why the Musical Inchworm strikes a balance between bright, high contrast patterns that help stimulate baby’s vision, and bold solid colors that give baby’s eyes a place to rest. Sounds like rattle, squeak, crinkle, and jingle also help stimulate and develop baby’s auditory skills. Finally, the Musical Inchworm’s large, friendly eyes invite baby to focus and stare at a single object, which can help calm baby while supporting healthy eye development.

Child-Safe Design
With its soft velour body and interesting textures to touch and chew, the Musical Inchworm is an ideal play and rest-time companion, whether baby is at home in his crib or traveling in the car. Safe and easy for little hands to hold and investigate, this toy also features an underside that measures your baby up to 24 inches. It even plays the song “If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands” when you squeeze the nose. Perhaps the most rewarding feature of the Musical Inchworm’s design, however, is the bonding opportunities it offers. In fact, this toy is perfect for an interactive game of peek-a-boo–simply hide the inchworm’s head underneath a blanket and then show the baby the inchworm as you say “peek-a-boo!”

Price: 7$

Reference Amazon



One of the best things that you can get for your kids is a tambourine. First of all because music can stimulate kids, they will have a chance to gain more awareness of voices and rhythms. Second, wont be strangers to beats, parents can encourage them to play or even parents play kids dance. Last but not least, encourage kids to love music even support their love for music.

Price: 5$

Baby sandals

Cute baby sandals made of PU, very soft and light easy to wear.

21 size:  13.5 cm long

22 size:  14 cm long

23 size: 14.5 cm long

24 size:  15 cm long

25 size, 15.5 cm long

Price: 5$

Water cup holder

Kindergartens can make the best use of this product. It is designed in a form of apple with pigeon holes where kids can put their cups.


Price: 40$

Shampoo cap

This cap is made of flexible material to prevent breaking, it’s heat resistant 80 degrees C.

Prevent the shampoo and water going into the kids eyes.

Price: 3$

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