Classroom games/ Backyard games

Here are several classroom/backyard games for children that are learning English or any other second language. They are also very helpful for play-dates. Whenever you have a full house of kids, can use these games to tame the rebels down.

1.Hang up.

Tie a yarn or any kinds of thick thread that will represent a clothesline, from one side of the room to the other. Have plenty of clothespins and flash cards, which will represent wet clothes that need to be hang up. There are two ways to play this game. One is when you separate the kids in two or more groups depending on the number of kids. Other way is if the number of the kids is really small they can play this game individually. Shout out a name of a flash card so the kids can race to the particular flash card and hang it up on the so-called clothesline. The first one that will hang up a card wins.
Scoring system: Each kids gets a point so the group that has the most points wins. You can also provide some humble gifts like stickers or candy, whatever works best for you.
Variations: to practice their memory you can also shout out few card names twice( or several times, up to you) and the kids that have remembered and hung up all cards or the most will win the game.
For this game you will need one or two copies of flash cards, clothespins (or any other pin that can hold), yarn or clothesline.
This game is suitable for kids that are learning a second language or even for mother speaking language kids for practicing their memory.

2. Match the animal with the food

This is a very educational game. It could be a follow-up on a lesson for animals and their nourishment.  Before you play this game make sure you have explained to the kids wich animal eats what kind of food. You can incorporate any kinds of animals you like. I played with: penguin, spider, frog, rabbit, elephant.

On one side of the room place toys or props that will represent the food. The props can be any kind of block, but clearly state or write the name of the food they represent. Make sure they clearly see the names of the food. “The food” can be placed in any kind of tubs or baskets.
 On the other side of the room all kids are lined up and waiting for your instructions. You can separate the kids in few groups or they can play individually depending on the number of kids.
A group of kids are instructed to be rabbits so they all jump like a rabbit to the food they eat which is carrot. If they get the wrong food they lose. The first kids from the group that will “eat” the carrot wins. So he or she can continue to play. The other kids from the group are out of the game.
After every group has played they all have a child that won so all winners compete. This way you can choose the games ultimate winner.
This games is suitable for all active kids that love to jump, crawl, or walk like any animal.
For this game you need: Props, vegetable toys or fruit toys.

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