Shocking moments in teaching

A shocking moment for a teacher is when a child, her own student, says:” Mammy i am afraid of my teacher”. On top of that he says this statement in from of all the staff in the kindergarten including the principal.What would your first reaction be? I suppose nothing just staring at the parent and the kid shocked, not knowing where did that come from.

This unbearable and embarrassing situation happened to one teacher that i personally know. Her name is Missy.

Missy’s Confession: I felt devastated! Like i sank down into the Earth, hoping for real to open up and swallow me! Fist i thought to myself what have i done to trigger this kind of perception of me,i am his English teacher.

So the story goes:

It is a custom in Missy’s kindergarten to meet and greet all kids at the front gate. Feeling happy that morning Missy had a big smile on her face that she couldn’t wipe for several days due to the fact she got engaged. Many fellow colleagues were still congratulating her on the engagement, they cracked few jokes on her behalf. Therefore there was a happy atmosphere going round filled with laughter. Suddenly the moment of embarrassment enforced it’s power! She started thinking what would be the appropriate way to react at the moment. Is it to be very loving and pleasant with him or to show dissatisfaction. So, finally she decided to show a sense of complaint by moving her pointer up and down, hoping that the mum will understand that she wasn’t happy how her son showed his disliking. Mainly, because it wan’t real disliking , but it was “pamper me mummy” moment.

After the ordeal she managed to pull up herself and set herself into teaching mode. Every time before the actual class she plays with her kids. That week they were doing H and Horse, so she kneeled on her knees and started imitating the horse voice. All of the kids pilled up on top of her riding as she was a horse.

While standing and greeting the kids at the gate and preparing for class, she was thinking how to handle this situation, what approach can she use. Knowing that she is dealing with highly undisciplined child, she decided not to pay any attention to him.She was waiting for him to approach.

And the moment of truth came. He came up to her and shouted in his broken English:” I want play”. She stopped for a moment and looked into his eyes and said: “Well you are afraid of me, how can we play together?” In an inspiring tone she raised her voice and asked: “Are you afraid of me? Because if you are afraid of me we can’t play, aren’t you supposed to run away from me! Are you sure you are afraid of me? He souted confidently: “No afraid!” She replied: ” Than let’s play together!”

Missy was happy that the kids realized that he really wasn’t afraid. She pin pointed the reason of his behavior to the previous day’s expelling of class occurrence. During class he was physically attacking some of his classmates, so when she saw this development Missy tried to  stop it right away by threatening not to give him the treat for good behavior at the end of the class.  This didn’t work so she took her next step where she didn’t let him participate in any of the activities but seat him on a chair and gave him the chance  only to observe.

Case solved.




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