Multi-functional Collar


The cold winter is here and you need to protect your kids!!??? this is the multi-functional collar!!!!

Knitted with two sides and two colors.

Size: 25*18cm

Price: 4$


Protective Mask

Protect your baby with a super cool mask made of cotton on both sides. Easy to wear, very breathable and confortable with two elastic bands on both sides. This mask is not very thick so enables easy breathing.
SIze: 17*10cm

Price: 1$ for (six masks)

Cotton gauze masks

The best suitable mask for you baby is the 12 layer cotton gauze mask. Soft mask easy to wear in places that are filled with bacteria and infections. Protect your baby!!!

Size 12*9cm

Price 3$for 3 masks(minimum purchase 3)

Newborn overalls

Newborn overalls with a new cow design. Suitable for babies that can feet in the below given sizes:

No. 1: shoulder to foot 49CM (without shackle length) Bust 29 * 2CM 36CM Sleeve 20CM shoulder to file shackle long 5CM

No2: shoulder to foot 50CM (without shackle length) Bust 30 * 2CM 38CM Sleeve Length 21CM shoulder to file shackle long 5CM

No3:  shoulder to foot 51CM (without shackle length) Bust 33 * 2 CM 40CM Sleeve 22CM shoulder to file shackle long 5CM

No. 4: shoulder to foot 54CM (without shackle length) Bust 35 * 2 CM 42CM Sleeve 24CM shoulder to the file length 5CM shackle



Ladybug hat and scarf

Cute Ladybug hat and scarf made of 15% cotton and 85 acrylic. Made in South Korea suitable for kids ranging from 8 months to 4 years.

Price: 3$

Classroom/ Backyard activities 2

Another activity that you can use in a classroom or backyard is the Nemo game. It is suitable for kindergarten or younger kids.
One of the kids is in the middle and the other surround him holding hands, making a circle. The other kids represent fish that swim arround Nemo.
They all holding hands walk round and shout out Nemo, Nemo what can you see? Nemo says random words of the object that he/she can see. In case a teacher is Nemo you can review the vocabulary that you have studied.
When Nemo says i can see sharks , the two or more previously selected kids that represent sharks can run and catch a fish and then “eat” it.
Aim of the game: Practice vocabulary and sentences: I can see a….what can you see?
This game can be played in any classroom for any kind of vocabulary. Make a grid of 6, 9, 12, or more spaces. You can also divide the students in groups or if small number they can play individually. Before the beginning of the game state how many typhoons are there so the kids will know when they are “safe”. Depending on the level of the kids English or age you can have different scoring systems.
Variation 1: Every number has its own word. When a group  chooses a number in order for them to get a  point they need to make a sentence.The more complex the sentence the more points they can get.
Variation 2: Every number has its own word. When a group  chooses a number in order for them to get a  point they need to Read the word,
Variation 3: Tell you a synonym or antonym….

Classroom games/ Backyard games

Here are several classroom/backyard games for children that are learning English or any other second language. They are also very helpful for play-dates. Whenever you have a full house of kids, can use these games to tame the rebels down.

1.Hang up.

Tie a yarn or any kinds of thick thread that will represent a clothesline, from one side of the room to the other. Have plenty of clothespins and flash cards, which will represent wet clothes that need to be hang up. There are two ways to play this game. One is when you separate the kids in two or more groups depending on the number of kids. Other way is if the number of the kids is really small they can play this game individually. Shout out a name of a flash card so the kids can race to the particular flash card and hang it up on the so-called clothesline. The first one that will hang up a card wins.
Scoring system: Each kids gets a point so the group that has the most points wins. You can also provide some humble gifts like stickers or candy, whatever works best for you.
Variations: to practice their memory you can also shout out few card names twice( or several times, up to you) and the kids that have remembered and hung up all cards or the most will win the game.
For this game you will need one or two copies of flash cards, clothespins (or any other pin that can hold), yarn or clothesline.
This game is suitable for kids that are learning a second language or even for mother speaking language kids for practicing their memory.

2. Match the animal with the food

This is a very educational game. It could be a follow-up on a lesson for animals and their nourishment.  Before you play this game make sure you have explained to the kids wich animal eats what kind of food. You can incorporate any kinds of animals you like. I played with: penguin, spider, frog, rabbit, elephant.

On one side of the room place toys or props that will represent the food. The props can be any kind of block, but clearly state or write the name of the food they represent. Make sure they clearly see the names of the food. “The food” can be placed in any kind of tubs or baskets.
 On the other side of the room all kids are lined up and waiting for your instructions. You can separate the kids in few groups or they can play individually depending on the number of kids.
A group of kids are instructed to be rabbits so they all jump like a rabbit to the food they eat which is carrot. If they get the wrong food they lose. The first kids from the group that will “eat” the carrot wins. So he or she can continue to play. The other kids from the group are out of the game.
After every group has played they all have a child that won so all winners compete. This way you can choose the games ultimate winner.
This games is suitable for all active kids that love to jump, crawl, or walk like any animal.
For this game you need: Props, vegetable toys or fruit toys.

Cool camps

These camps are very useful for families and kindergartens. The children can play all kinds of pretend games and even learn. It gice great opportunity for the kids to live in their own world.

Price: 10$-30$

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Baby cowling pad with different designs.

Size: 200*180*0.5cm

Weight: 0.6kg

Price: 6$

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The mental development of every child is one of the most important processes in growing up. Every parent is concerned how their children develop. This is one of the most popular games that can help your child to improve mentally. It is recommended for kindergarten and home use. Turn a boring into creative night with the family. Play and learn is the number one method for kids to flourish.

One set consists of 4 different color ball beads each color has 9 ball beads. There are four different rods 6 of 14CM length, 18 of 9.3CM, 8 of 6CM,4 rods of 3.6CM.

Price: 2$

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